Type City Cleveland

Type City Cleveland first started in 2007 as a class project for students at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  The instructions from their professor, Chris Ramsay, go a little something like this:

1. Choose a Cleveland venue (unique to the city, no chains)
2. Choose a typeface that represents that venue in all aspects including mood and atmosphere (all typefaces are purchased from Veer)
3. Create the venue by using the characters of the typeface selected

If it sounds easy, you are mistaken.  This is an intense time consuming creative challenge, and each piece gets judged by graphic designers, architects, typographers, and illustrators to select some of the best piece each year.

Here are some of my favorites from over the years:

I dunno what it is about 2008, but there was some crazy competition going on then, and a lot of my favorites came from that year.  To see the rest or to buy one of these lovelies, go here

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