Baseball Attire

The previous post has gotten me excited for baseball this year and has left me thinking about the rest of my baseball attire for the season.  You don't need to lose your femininity when you're cheering on your favorite team.  Though they do make women's fan gear, most of it still leaves something to be desired.  Below is a list of items I plan on adding to my lineup.  They're pieces that are dressier than your average sports attire, but are still down to earth approachable in natural fabrics, such as cotton, denim, and canvas.  Basically, they're all made out of comfortable fabrics that are going to breathe while you're out in the heat, but they're all a breath of fresh air without making you look as though you're trying too hard.   Pieces  perfect for turning your date's, significant other's, or even a stranger's head.  Oh and they're also in a patriotic palette that most team colors don't stray too far from.
Uniform Pinstripes : made famous by the team up North
          ~ Play Ball Pinstriped Dress ~ Laga via Ruche
          ~ Aerie Romper ~ American Eagle Outfitters

Fresh Cottons : light and airy for a day at the ballpark
          ~ Tuxedo henley ~ J. Crew
          ~ Chambray-stripe tee ~ J. Crew

American Denim : twists on an old classic
          ~ Chambray Denim Dress ~ See By Chloe via Matches
          ~ Chambray Denim Button Down Skirt ~ Topshop
    * I have a denim jumper that I absolutely love.  Some people make fun of the idea of it, but I always get compliments when I wear it.  Absolutely cute and as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.  Here is to more denim I say!

Fiery Reds : a touch of bold color that'll turn heads
          ~ Cooperative Coney Island Suspender Short ~ via Urban Outfitters
          ~ NW3 Boyfriend Cardigan, Admiral Red ~ via John Lewis

Ruffled Rompers : vintage inspired clothing that is as comfortable as it is cute
          ~ Gelateria Romper ~ ModCloth
          ~ Flounce with Me Romper ~ ModCloth
    * Since creating this post, both of these rompers have sold out {and boy did they sell out quickly}.  I'm on the lookout for something similar.  Does ANYONE know of any such pieces? I was so set on getting one of them...

Comfy Flats : important pieces for a day walking around downtown before and after the game
          ~  Stripes Forever Sandals ~ via Anthropologie      
          ~  Blue jean ballet flats ~ J. Crew
    * With the exception of the Fisher Price heals that were glued to my feet as a child (so much that I went through 2 pairs), I have never really found a heal that was all that comfortable.  Keep in mind that you may be on a date, and I don't know many men who are going to be impressed by your shoes.  Plus, you're going to a ballgame, so keep the heals at home, and go for a more comfortable and appropriate shoe.

Mixed - Metal Necklaces : your (never have to worry about matching) statement necklace
          ~ Three-Tone Chain necklace ~ via Neiman Marcus
          ~ Sailor's knot necklace ~ Banana Republic
    * Since creating this post, the three-tone chain necklace has also been sold out.  I either have really good taste or just really bad luck.  The website given has some alternative pieces though if you're looking for a similar style.

Natural Totes : neutral enough to go with many outfits, but stylish nonetheless
          ~ Canvas Tote Bag ~ Hope via La Garconne
          ~ Cooperative Canvas Buckle Bag ~ via Urban Outfitters
    * When going to a ballgame (or any sports event really), it's important to be prepared for all types of weather.  One minute it could be sunny, and then the next minute the sun has gone down bringing the cold and/or rainy weather.  These totes are large enough to keep a bottle of sunscreen, a poncho, cardigan, and whatever else you fancy.

Now that you look fabulous, just be sure to watch out for the mustard and ketchup stains.

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