The Fundamentals of Geometry

Geometric patterns have been taking over the world (and my lust list) by storm.  Here are some of my favorite geometrical pieces:

No. 1 ~ Geometric Dress w/ Belt ~ Forever21
No. 2 ~ Precipice no. 2.2 ~ Polymorphia
No. 3 ~ Geometric Pattern Blue and Green Tumbler Glasses {Vintage, set of 6} ~ KMD Creations
No. 4 ~ Ritzy Stripe Grey Geometric Throw Pillow ~ Mod Pillow
No. 5 ~ Remix - yellow throw pillow ~ Ferm Living
No. 6 ~ Tan Brass Pyramid Bangle ~ Stella McCartney via Bluefly
No. 7 ~ Triangle Long Necklace ~ Mirabella


  1. You make geometrical shapes look hot - I love it! Btw, you're an awesome collage layout maker, you definitely have a future in the blogging/magazine world! :)

    -Miss Tallulah

  2. You're so very kind! I love to create them, so it's great to hear that they're being appreciated.