Tonight embarks the first Dime-A-Dog night of the season at Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio.  That's right, just ten cents per hot dog!  * Bonus * boyfriend and I can attest that they're actually pretty tasty.  Dime-A-Dog night was introduced to a minor league crowd years after a disaster-filled promotion in 1974 at it's affiliated major league stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.  Turns out Dime-A-Dog night has not only been just as successful as that 10 cent beer night, but also has been much more peaceful as well.

To help with the promotion, Homage (a Columbus based clothing company) has produced t-shirts to be sold at the events and online for just $10 a piece.  I regret not purchasing a t-shirt last year, so I've been waiting for the return of this t.  The shirt brings me back to one of my favorite dates with my boyfriend, and hopefully will see some action at Huntington Stadium sometime this season.
As you can see above, there have been some changes to the shirt from last year.  Though I do wish there was more color incorporated or a deeper hue to the shirt, I am enjoying the new overall look.

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