Redoing an Old Standard


Armoires have been used for centuries for holding clothes and other accessories, and although I can appreciate a beautiful wooden piece like the one above, I love rethinking the concept to create something just as beautiful and functional.

Simple revisions like glass or cutout doors, not only break up the solid wood look, but also let you to see your clothes for easy outfit planning and allow items to be displayed, yet protected.  Wallpaper is also an easy way to get an updated look.  It adds something visually appealing to give the room added personality.





Functionality for the armoire has also changed dramatically over the years, now holding our TVs, computers, and whatever else can come to mind.  The ideas are endless. 



{Paula Deen Armoire via Belfort Furniture}

My parents have a vintage art deco style armoire in their basement that will one day be mine.  It needs a few repairs, but when I'm done fixing it up, I can't say I've decided on what to put in it yet.  I wouldn't want to damage any of the old wood, so some ideas are already eliminated like for a TV, computer, or the chalkboard paint idea as seen above.  It's something I have awhile to figure out though, and let it be known that one of the next brilliant uses of an armoire will be done by yours truly. 

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