My Father's Daughter

Last week Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook, My Father's Daughter, was released. What was once a long anticipated release for me, became overshadowed by so much over exposure for GP that I forgot about the release date entirely.  Don't get me wrong, I love Gwyneth, but too much can be a bad thing...

All this aside, I'm still quite interested in how the cookbook turned out.  We know the girl can cook; have you seen her on the PBS special On the Road Again?  I plan on going to check out a copy tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm scouring the internet to find sneak peaks of what awaits me.  Below is a photo from her cookbook, and I believe the burgers on the top right are what she made on Regis & Kelly (clip also posted below).
{cookbook photo of My Father's Daughter via}

{the cooking doesn't start until about four minutes in}
Does anyone have the cookbook yet? I'd love to hear what more people have to say about it.


  1. haha! so true about GP's over-exposure lately. I am still curious about the book, but probably won't buy it (I have waaaaay too many cookbooks that I don't use already)! Cute blog!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment KC! I just started this whole blog business, so that means a lot. Anyway, I've been debating buying the book for the same reasons. Nevertheless, I think I have an issue resisting a cookbook with a beautiful layout and color photography. Am I the only one?