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I received an ipad from my brother about a year ago along with a sleeve case.  The case is really nice, but I don't like the fact that my ipad isn't being protected while I'm using it.  Sadly, I never did anything about the fact, and just yesterday I noticed a small little line on my screen from where something must have scraped against it.  So my friends, it's now time for a new case...

The look : A portfolio case (preferably) that is nice on the eyes; something feminine most likely or at least not something too plain and boring.
{top row: Poppy & Plaid Axis Cases via JAVOedge; bottom rowCamellia, Mount Carmel, &
Vintage Pink covers via Spartina 449}

I like these cases above, I'm just not in LOVE with them.

Here are some other cases from Tech Candy.  They both come with two silicone inner wraps and an outer decorative hard shell that allow for more than one look.  I've had my eye on them for a few months now, but they do not have any protection for the screen.  I know I can get screen protectors, but I wanted more coverage than that.  

Does anyone know of a case that combines my love of the two (the look of the barcelona, but the style of the portfolio)??  Please share!

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