Film Style Inspiration : (500) Days of Summer

So I brought up this movie earlier in the week here, and if you haven't already guessed, it's one of my favorite films.  I thought it would be fun to use this as my inspiration for today's post.  Here are all things Summer:

No. 1 ~ Vintage Baby Blue Eyelet Print Dress ~ Modcloth
No. 2 ~ Fly Like Paper Cranes Necklace ~ Modcloth
No. 3 ~ Apple of the Month Club ~ via
No. 4 ~ Top Hat - Bowler Black ~
No. 5 ~ Original painting of Ringo Starr on 12 in" vinyl ~ MEGAvisual via Etsy 
No. 6 ~ The Picture of Dorian Gray ~ Penguin Classics via
No. 7 ~ Royal Blue Headband w/ Bow ~ Banbury Cross

I also found this vintage dress similar to another wardrobe piece Summer wore. It's a bit more intricate with lace detail, but it shares the same neckline and silhouette. You could wear it to a wedding just like Summer did or to many other special occasions. 
 {Natasha Pale Blue Lace Dress - vintage circa 1950's ~ via Priestley's Vintage at}
Now if only the weather showed all things summer...


  1. I love the big blue bow, and the Ringo starr painting(the artist should make plates like that too...I could see that working). The Oscar Wilde book is cool too, it's unique - reminds me of the Olympia Le Tan bag that Natalie Portman wore for the Black Swan premier - you should check it out!

    -Miss Tallulah

  2. Oh yes, I love the style of that book. Penguin classics came out with a whole line of redesigned covers for a lot of the classics. You can check some them in my Great Reads post, along with some Kate Spade clutches that you'll love if you like the one Natalie sported.

  3. Oh thanks Sarah for the response! I will definitely check them out :)...maybe I'll even get one for myself.

    Tallulah Doll