Trying to Be My Own Emily Henderson

Have you guys seen Secrets from a Stylist with Emily Henderson yet?  If you haven't, you need to.  On the show Emily will determine the personal styles of a couple, then she'll layer both looks to come up with a super-awesome power-couple finished room that is a marriage of both of their personal styles.  Sounds amazingly inspiring doesn't it?   I don't have cable anymore, so I desperately wait every week for a new episode to be uploaded online.  Anyway, before my boyfriend and I move in together, I've been really trying to figure out how to combine our two styles, and Emily's show has fueled that even more.  Here is some of what I've come up with...

He's a sell-proclaimed plain-old-joe style (solids, neutral colors, clean lines).  I'd call him the anti-designer.  I'm a design nut.  I love pattern, texture, color, ornate, feminine, and vintage details.  The more and more I search for the perfect space for us though, the more I feel my tastes are evolving.  Maybe it's because I can appreciate so many styles or that I'm trying to create a compromise between us, but right now I'm loving mid-century modern and the industrial chic look: aka two main style combinations that I think would make both of us happy.  Mid-century modern of course has those clean lines he's looking for, but also fulfills my love of vintage.  Plus industrial chic is man and Sarah friendly.  Sounds like a perfect marriage to me.

Now for some photo inspiration:

{design-envy couch via Style by Emily Henderson}

{more mid-century pieces via sfgirlbybay}