Ready for Take Off

I normally don't post on the weekend, but I've been sitting on sharing this necklace with you, and now it's almost sold out.  I have to let you know about it before it's too late.  Just add it to my lust list of origami necklaces like the one from my (500) Days of Summer post yesterday (here).
 {Dangling Paper Airplanes Necklace via Fred Flare}
PS: Since spotting this necklace a little while ago, I saw it posted on Pinterest, and now it's nearly sold out already.  This happens with a ton of other items too.  Does anyone else think that Pinterest is dramatically increasing business for companies, or is it just me?  Clearly a plus for them and the economy, but I get so bummed when I've added something to my lust list, don't jump on it when I see it, and it's gone in a week or less.  

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