Tea Time

{Butterfly Photography, Kimberly Chorney}

The picture above is more my cup of tea than an actual one sadly.  For as long as I can remember, I have never quite enjoyed tea.  In fact, I have never really enjoyed drinking any hot liquid; i.e., coffee, hot chocolate, soup, etc.  I know it all sounds weird, but I would rather drink a smoothie in the dead of winter than drink something hot.  In recent years though, I have tried my best to get over this habit and broaden my taste palette.  I enjoy coffee (if you count the foo-foo kind that's loaded with sugar, syrup, milk, and of course, calories), hot chocolate, and some teas now, but they have to be at room temperature almost.  To me, that's when you can really taste the flavors and not just scolding hot water.  Either way, I still long to be a member of the tea party...

Five reasons I would like to pick up the habit of drinking tea :
1.  I love scones and tea sandwiches ~ definitely would justify making them more 
2.  Health benefits ~ sickness would be so much easier to combat
3.  I would have an excuse to buy pretty teacups and other fancy tea gadgets and accessories 
4.  I always feel left out when people want to go to The Tea Room or other tea only establishments 
5.  I think it would be quite fun ~ perhaps I never got out of my dress up tea party stage as a child, plus a piece of me has always longed to be British...

I'm really not kidding about that #3 by the way, and here is a lust list to prove it.
Proper Decor-um :
    No. 1 ~ Buttermilk Scones Dress ~ ModCloth
    No. 2 ~ Knot2much2ask Spot of Tea Pendant Necklace ~ via Max & Chloe
    No. 3 ~ One-Lump-Or-Two Lamp ~ Anthropologie
    No. 4 ~ L by Lenox "Floral Waltz" Tea Saucer & Tea Cup ~ via Bloomingdale's
    No. 5 ~ Vintage Three Tier Cake Stand ~ I Love Retro via BOUF

Tea for Two : 
    No. 6 ~ Blueberry Sour Cream Scone Mix ~ Stonewall Kitchen or make from scratch using this Tyler Florence Recipe
    No. 7 ~ Caramel Sundae Escape Tea ~ Talbott Teas
    No. 8 ~ Lemon Curd ~ Stonewall Kitchen
    No. 9 ~ McVities Rich Tea Biscuits ~ Amazon ~ can't get much more British than this, thus it is completely necessary to at least try them

Perhaps if I start acting the part, a love of tea will just come naturally.  I'll work on my decor-um and one day have the perfect little tea for two.  Does anyone else out there share my sentiments?


  1. i do! my favorite thing to do is have a cup of tea in bed to wind down before going to sleep. paired with a nice book it is quite relaxing!


  2. Well I'm quite jealous. Everyone always says that, but I'm not quite there yet still :(