A Royal Wedding

{photo of a young Kate Middleton via The Middleton Family Album}

Change in today's post, sorry.  I refrained so long from putting anything up on here about the royal wedding, but since I have a strong interest in nearly everything from the UK (especially the Royals), I just had to today.  The continuation and reveal of Friday's post, will occur tomorrow.  

Anyway, if you didn't watch the wedding, I'm sure you still heard about it one way or was pretty hard not to, unless you live under a rock.  It was one of the greatest weddings of our time, and some may still not care or get nearly as excited, but it was history in the making.  Plus, it is a rare occurrence on television these days to see a couple that actually does not shame the institution of marriage.  Whether it was Will beaming down at Kate and telling her she looked beautiful during the ceremony, Kate unable to contain her smile after the nuptials, or their two kisses on the balcony, you saw continual signs that the couple actually love each other.  To me, that's what made the wedding all the more special and why all eyes are and will continue to be on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

{Official Wedding Photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by Hugo Burnand}

I dare anyone to say she did not look beautiful...  

I'll now leave you with a video of the couple's wedding song: Your Song by Ellie Goulding (a version of Elton John's original).  I LOVE her and can't wait till Saturday when she appears as the musical guest on SNL!

Congrats to the happy couple! 


  1. what an adorable map

  2. My apologies to the makers of the map! House that Lars Built on Etsy has some amazing work! Sorry I forgot to post where it came from and give credit where credit is due...and thanks for stopping by Dallas! I do not know how you found yourself here, but I'm a huge fan of your work! You just made my day :)

  3. beautiful. beuatful. thank you for sharing that song. it's a dandy!!!

  4. The song... i just listened to it 5 times :) thanks for sharing. They're wedding photo looks so stiff. I wish they could just relax more and be closer... they look like they're standing for a painting. Love the photos of them when they're young. so cute. Stumbled across your blog. Enjoying your posts :) have a lovely day!

  5. Ellie is one of my favorites. Glad I could share her with others!

    Angel - I agree about wishing they could look more relaxed, but I think we need to be reminded that they are a royal couple. Will and Kate may be a new breed that insists on doing many things forgoing royal tradition, but even they need to follow royal protocol when it's necessary. A photo like this would replace a painting that, if not for advancements in technology, would have been made for the occasion I'm sure. Plus, I bet there were relaxed pictures taken that weren't released to the public. Now wouldn't everyone like to get their hands on those...