Still Obsessed...

I stumbled upon these two bands months ago, and I'm stilled obsessed over their sound.  Searching for new music is usually always hit or miss.  Every now and again I'll dedicate a day to it, and I'll either come out with very little of worth or I'll hit the jackpot.  Way back when, this was a really good jackpot kind of day.

{Ho Hey - The Lumineers}

{Lost in My Mind - The Head and the Heart}

I like my music a little bit folksy, but I think these are songs that a lot of people can get into.  I'm thinking I'm not the only one since "folk" has been taking over even in the mainstream with bands like Mumford and Sons.  It's great to finally see indie folk groups get some exposure, but a part of me kind of wishes they'd stay small enough to see at small gigs, yet also get big enough to see in my neck of the woods...I'll take my music in an intimate setting over a stadium any day of the week - I mean, who wouldn't?  Both videos have this amazing atmosphere too.  I'd kill to be at a party where they played.  

Oh and lastly, it's important to note that The Head and the Heart have some amazing harmonies.  Lost in My Mind doesn't really showcase everyone's voice, but the rest of the trio definitely have some pipes too.  I'd suggest listening to Winter Song for an example.  I love Charity's crooning voice.  

You can download 2 free songs from The Head and the Heart HERE {including Lost in My Mind}

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