Kitchen Gadgets

{The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools, Pop Chart Lab}

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!  I hope that you all had a good weekend and got to spend it with your family.  This following post is inspired by my mother.  She's not one to ask for many things, but once in a blue moon she's asked for a gadget for the kitchen.  Now I know the web above is a reminder just how many items our kitchens possess, and you're probably thinking that you do not need another one, but some things come along that are just too good to pass up.   Below are some kitchen gadgets that I think would be particularly useful (and no, they're not just tools for chopping different fruits and vegetables).  Take a gander...
No. 1 ~ Hand-held Toaster ~ Kim Been - Probably the silliest of all the gadgets above, but it'd be perfect to use on my bagel or bread when I'm away from home. 
No. 2 ~ Roll & Mix ~ Marcial Ahsayane - A rolling pin that can be split into two halves.  One side holds oil and the other is a mortar for grinding.  Great multi-purpose tool for making dough. 
No. 3 ~ Stainless Steel Finger Guard ~ Deglon via Amazon - Allows chopping without all the accidents. 
No. 4 ~ Boil Buoy Water Chime ~ quirky -  Some days I'm not multi-tasking in the kitchen making different dishes, and all I want to do is boil water for some pasta or vegetables.  This gadget lets you go off and do something else instead of watching and waiting for the water to boil.  It alerts you the second the water is ready. 
No. 5 ~ Digital BBQ Tongs and Thermometer ~ Admetior via Amazon - Just in time for grilling season.  Sensors in the tip measure the internal temperature of the meat and sound an alarm when it is cooked.
No. 6 ~ Herb Savor ~ Prepara - Keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks.  
No. 7 ~ Duo Quick Pop Maker ~ Zoku via Williams-Sonoma - A tad cheaper than the original size maker, but still makes popsicles in record time.  Plus two pops at a time means my boyfriend and I can't fight over who gets the third...crazy perhaps, but it's the little things that start the fights sometimes, right?


  1. these are great! i would really love to have the boil buoy..or the hand held toaster.. that one makes me smile.

  2. They are really cool gadgets that made me think over of going back to cooking.