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So I've had a Pinterest account for some time now, but I just finally started to use it.  Do you have an account?  If you're thinking about getting one, I would apply for it today (I heard there is a huge line to become apart of the Pinterest group), and if you already have an account, what do you think of it? Here are some of the positives and negatives that I see:

+'s - it keeps all of my past and current inspiration organized & it's great for finding new inspiration as well, plus it keeps down my number of bookmarks (I don't think I want to admit to how many I have, but it's truly out of control)

–'s - I don't find the interface very user friendly for the iPad (my main device for inspiration hunting and blog reading); new pins take forever to load and every time I click to repin a photo, it'll make me scroll to the top of the homepage to do so, and then I'll have to scroll back down to the bottom where I was etc...basically, it's pretty time consuming when I could just copy the photo and save the link real quick (though refer back to why this is a bad idea in the +'s section)
As I've also stated previously on here, products I feel tend to sell out more quickly now that everyone and their brother know about them...makes me not so happy when I finally have the money to buy that pretty little necklace and it's gone, out of my life forever :( OK enough of being so dramatic sorry...

Being as that I'm finally using this website, I decided that I would share some of my fav pins of interest (from past and present) with you.  Perhaps inspire you to get an account as well, that will further inspire me :)  Here they are:
 No. 1 ~ Paint Chip Gift Tags ~ What a cute way to add a burst of color to your gift, and they can be acquired for the lovely cost of $0! I especially love this idea because even at a small age, the painting section was also my favorite part of home improvement stores.  I have never been able to resist picking up a few (or more) to take home with me, and now they all will have a purpose. Perfect!

 No. 2 ~ Outdoor Dining - If you have a backyard like this, expect a visit from me real soon! This would be really great inspiration for a wedding reception setup too.

 No. 3 ~ Colored Spoons ~ If you've seen this flatware set and were crushed when you saw the price-tag, no need to fear! All you need is some spray paint (preferably food safe just to be, well, safe) and some utensils. Great DIY

 No. 4 ~ Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco ~ A beautiful photograph of the City By the Bay. I love the colors, and it's even worthy of a frame in my opinion.

 No. 5 ~ Ginger Wipe Out & Key Lime Cowabunga Ice Cream Sandwiches ~ Oh Joy! (which is a great blog read btw & one of my absolute favorites) featured these ice cream sandwiches on her blog not too long ago.  You can order them online, but I think I'm going to have my go at making my own, and my wallet agrees.  The Key Lime is made with coconut oatmeal cookies, so I'm going to start with this recipe.  These sound and look AMAZING don't they!

Well, I'm off to go spend time with my boyfriend for the weekend, and let's pray the rain can stay away!
Happy Weekend,

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