Pins of Interest

After last weeks Pinterest post, I decided to keep it going and perhaps make it a weekly thing.  Yay or Nay?  Let me know and this might be the last or one of many similar posts in the future. 

Some beautiful inspiration for the week:
No. 1 ~ Blue & Gray Living ~ Love this color combo.  It's pretty toned down, but the pop of the sofa, graphic patterned pillows, and other small touches make the room.

No. 2 ~ Vintage Polaroid ~ Some day I'd love to own one of these; working or just for decor purposes, it doesn't matter.  I also love mail air look of the book, and the title reminds me of the Gene Kelly movie (An American in Paris if you didn't know).

No. 3 ~ Vintage Cans Used for Planting ~ For drainage purposes, these would probably need some holes on the bottom, but I love the personality of these cans.

No. 4 ~ Butter and Sauce ~ Mmm yummy! Typography has been more of my recent interests, and I cannot resist this typeface!

No. 5 ~ Paris City Map ~ Great pop of color and graphic print! These also come in other cities around the Europe too.

No. 6 ~ Bokeh Wheel ~ I may or may not have a huge obsession over ferris wheels, other fair rides, and carousels in photography...just maybe.

Until Monday!
Happy Weekend,

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