Nail Color Worth Purchasing

I'm pretty much a nude or clear/neutral fingernail polish kind of girl, but when it comes to my toes, I love some color.  It has been quite some time until I bought a new shade, however.  For some reason, I always leave the store with a color I already have back it just me?  I swear it looks different in the bottle!  I guess part of the problem is that I won't make a special trip just to get nail polish, so I pick up what is conveniently available in stores I already frequent.  Since most companies stick to the basic pinks and reds every year, it's no wonder I keep picking up the same or strongly similar hues with such very limited shade choices.  Enter essie nail color.
Now I've know about essie for years now, but it's never something I thought would truly worth the near $8 a bottle price-tag.  My experience with higher priced nail color has never been good.  I find that they tend to bubble and are harder to apply than some cheaper brands.  Nevertheless, this past memorial day weekend, I saw my brother's girlfriend with this really interesting shade on, and I had to go pick it up when I found out it was now available at Target stores.  Tart Deco is a coral hue that is the perfect mix of orange and pink and a great Spring/Summer shade.  Plus, the color actually looks very similar as it does in the bottle after a few coats! Finally, rejoice!  I'm eyeing to try a few more essie shades (like the ones below), but sadly they're not currently sold in Target stores.  Perhaps I will finally have to make a special trip for nail polish??

What are your go to polish shades/brands?

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